GT-NKH Heat Air Nippers (Air Hydro Type)

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Air-hydro cylinders produce high power from air and oil. These units are ideal for high precision cuts required for products such as optical resin lenses.

  • Requires separately sold Hydro Controller.
  • Custom-made blade lengths and cylinder capacities available.
Model No. Cutting Capacity

Ø (mm)


Blade Edge Temp.

(MAX °C)




Piston Stroke




GT-NKH20A-25/20AR-25 10x1.5 180 60 10 720






  • Included heater • Included temperature sensor
  • Air Pressure: 0.6MPa •Working air hose inner diameter: 4mm
  • 200V/240V heaters are also available to order.


Blades Specifications


Material Blade shape Blade opening


Cutting blade effective (mm) Weight


Special Alloy Steel Knife type (resin) 10 19 125

Option Parts

  • Hydro-converter (Recommended: KOGANEI AHC 32X50)

Working fluid: Petroleum hydraulic fluid or turbine oil with antifoaming agent additive (VG22~100)

  • Temperature controller (DTC-001)